Future Products

Originally two different products had been envisioned for the RIS shaping.

In Vivo Modifications of an Intraocular Lens

Animated image showing a cross section of an eye with an implanted intraocular lens. A green laser is treating the the implated lens and the treatment rings are visible

Figure 1: Eye Model with IOL and visualization of RIS lens (blue)

Perfect Lens, LLC ("Perfect") has developed the technology to modify an implanted cataract lens using a femtosecond laser. Perfect can modify spherical aberration, asphericity, toricity, and multi-focality in a ten second in office procedure.

The perfect lens prototype is displayed, the left side shows the system and the right side a patient bed.

Figure 2: In-vivo Prototype

Ex Vivo Creation of the "Perfect Lens"

an animated image is showing a manufacturing holder with an IOL inserted which was treated and is showing the refractive index changed lens inside the intraocular lens

In addition, Perfect can manufacture an intraocular lens to an exact prescription for a particular patient in an ex vivo manufacturing process.

an animated image is showing the phase wrapped gradient lens inside an intraocular lens